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Articles - Changes to Leaving Certificate Home Ec Assignments 2015

The ATHE are very happy to share the NCCA Circular in relation to the changes to Leaving Certificate coursework.

From September 2015 students will be required to complete four out of five assignments instead of the five out of six at present. There will also be a revised journal book and marking scheme to reflect the changes.

These changes have come about following a request by members of the ATHE for the ATHE Executive to lobby the NCCA to implement the reduced number of assignments and the new format for the journal. There was a number of different consultations with ATHE member, ATHE Executive and the NCCA and we are very happy to see the circular finally released in time for next academic year.

A special word of praise and thanks to Jenny Cooney (President 12/13 & 13/14) and Amanda McCloat (St Angela’s College, Sligo) who put in a great amount of effort and hard work to see these changes implemented.

We hope that these changes will benefit our students and bring Home Economics Coursework in line with other subjects at Leaving Certificate level.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Please see a copy of the official circular below:

Changes to LC Home Ec 2015 (cl0036_2015)